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Convert Your Existing 401k Plan


to be a 401k Easy Online self-service 401k plan


Converting your existing 401k to 401k Easy Online takes only days


401k Easy Online plan conversions are very affordable


Save 60% to 90% every year by converting your small or mid-sized 401k plan to use with 401k Easy Online


Continue using your existing 401k plan investments, or choose from hundreds of mutual fund families and/or self-directed brokerage accounts


Getting started


You're never locked in with 401k Easy Online


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Save money with 401k Easy OnlineConverting Your Existing 401k Plan to 401k Easy Online Takes Only Days!

Dissatisfied with your current 401k plan? With the lack of service its vendors give you? With their lack of responsiveness to the needs of your company and its employees? Is your current 401k worth the aggravation - and all those fees?

Take control! Have us convert your existing 401k plan into a 401k Easy Online self-service 401k plan.

-- Most small businesses save 60% to 90% every year by switching to 401k Easy Online.

-- You're current vendor likely already has you compiling the data 401k Easy Online uses - so why wait (and pay for) them to process it when you can have customized 401k Easy Online  that will do it in seconds right from your desktop PC!

-- We have more than 20 years of experience in finding economical, straight-forward solutions to even the most complex 401k conversions. We're 401k plan takeover experts!

-- In most cases, the conversion process can be completed in less than a week with NO black-out period!


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401k Easy Online Plan Conversions are Very Affordable

401k Easy Online can accommodate new or already existing 401k plans of any size. Most plan conversions to 401k Easy Online are done for only $500

In most cases we're able to take care of everything involved in converting your existing 401k plan into a self-service 401k plan, including...

-- Corporate board resolutions

-- Notification to your employees regarding the changeover

-- Preparation of a new Summary Plan Description for your employees

-- Preparation of necessary paperwork for you to sign and deliver to your current 401k plan vendor(s), notifying them of the changeover

-- Historical plan data conversion and uploading to 401k Easy Online.


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Save 60% to 90% - Every Year - By Converting Your Small or Mid-Sized 401k Plan for Use With 401k Easy Online

Every year, 401k Easy Online saves companies 60% to 90% off what they'd pay for a conventional or bundled 401k plan run by a third party administrator or other outside party.

-- Our pricing starts at just $1195 a year (plus the first-year-only plan and software customization fee) and increases ONLY with plan size. ALL options and 401k services are included.

--  Visit our pricing and price comparisons pages to see how much your company can save.


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Continue Using Your Existing 401k Plan Investments, or Choose From Hundreds of Mutual Fund Families and/or Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts

-- You can choose no-load mutual fund families and/or self-directed brokerage accounts to accept your 401k participants' contributions and their previously accumulated 401(k) assets.

-- Visit our Investments section for specific listings of potential 401k investments.

-- Call (800) 595-4015 to talk with a 401k Easy Online representative about any aspect of 401k plan conversions, or send us an e-mail.

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Getting Started

Getting started is easy!

-- Fill out the Request for Contact form below - or better yet use our 401k Plan Conversion Order Form. Our 401k plan conversion order form gives us all the information we need about your existing 401k plan and preferences for your 401k Easy Online plan to get right to work. You have the option of checking "Unsure. Please contact..." for any item you'd like to discuss with us. Completing the 401k plan order form IN NO WAY OBLIGATES you to purchasing 401k Easy Online.

-- If you prefer, simply call us at (800) 595-4015 . 


Request for Contact...

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You're Never Locked In With 401k Easy Online

With 401k Easy Online you have...

-- Complete control and oversight over the 401k service your employees receive.

-- Complete, direct control and oversight over your plan's assets.

-- A 401k plan that's flexible, reliable and easy to administrate.

-- Significant year to year savings.

Some day, of course, your business may grow in such a way that you decide you no longer want to handle your 401k plan administration in house. No problem - just give us a call and we can convert your do-it-yourself 401k administration setup to an outside-serviced plan at any time. We can even recommend some reasonably affordable 401k administration vendors.

-- Pension Systems Corporation, for instance, has been specializing in small and medium-sized full service 401k plans since 1986 and has built a reputation for creating and maintaining plans that are popular with both employees and their employers.

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