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401k Easy Online's 60-day money-back guarantee


You're never locked in to the 401k Easy Online self-service arrangement.

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401k Easy Online 's 60-day money-back guarantee

Your 401k Easy Online system comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee on everything but the one-time $995 setup fee you pay at your plan's outset to cover 401k plan and 401k plan administration customization costs.

-- Because the setup fee is nonrefundable, we recommend people try out our free online 401k plan administration demo, the core of the 401k Easy Online system, before having us customize a system for them.

-- You can access our 401k online demo for free.

-- You can order a copy of our 401k software demo for delivery by mail.

Our online 401k demo is a fully functioning version of our actual 401k plan administration system that has been customized for a fictitious company plan.

-- Nearly all 401k features and capabilities are active in our web-based 401k demo, so you can truly get a feel for what it will be like to run your own company 401k plan using 401k Easy Online.


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You're never locked into the self-service 401k arrangement.

If, for any reason, you ever decide you no longer want to run your 401k plan in-house, we can quickly convert your 401k Easy Online plan into a 401k serviced by the 401k vendor of your choice. We can even help you find a qualified 401k plan administration service, if you like. Simply contact us if and when the need arises.


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