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401k Easy Online is a high-quality yet affordable self-service 401k plan setup, administration and participation center housed completely online and functional via any type of Internet connection.

401k Easy Online circumvents all the middlemen from 401k plan administration and participation -- and circumvents all the costs and delays associated with them.

What's left is direct access: You upload your data DIRECTLY to a plan administration portal customized to your exact 401k plan (and then enjoy instantaneous processing of that data), you interact DIRECTLY with the investment company(ies) you select for your plan (self-directed brokerage accounts, mutual funds and more are available), and your employees and plan participants log into their own Gateway through which they conduct their plan activity and access information about your company plan and their participation in it.

Don't worry: all that direct access doesn't equate to hours of labor on your part. Our state of the art 401k plan administration and participation network can accommodate anything from the 1-person 401k plan to the gargantuan, yet it's extremely easy to use. Most small businesses, for instance, can handle their 401k plan administration in less than 15 minutes a month.

Look over our extensive investment choices, check out our affordable pricing, then visit our plan administration and plan participation demo systems. Seeing is believing! Give us a call if you'd like a 401k Easy Online representative to guide you through your free tour of the system: call (800) 595-4015 any weekday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific time.

With 401k Easy Online Online, a few mouse clicks a month let you erase high 401k costs and slow 401k service -- year after year!

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