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Below is the 401k Easy For-One Order Form. For any plan customization item about which you are undecided or would like some help or additional information, please mark the "Unsure..." button.

-- If your company already has a one-person 401k plan or other retirement plan and is interested in converting it to a 401k Easy For-One self-service plan, please also complete the form below.

401k Easy For-One Plan Order Form


Part I:boxCompany Information...


2) Company name:


3) Contact person:


4) Title:


5) Phone:

- box

6) Fax:


7) E-mail:


9) Company address:


10) City:


11) State:


12) Zip:


9-12alt) Company
mail-to address:

Use address listed above as mail-to address

Use other address:


13) Federal ID number:


14) Date business commenced:


15) Type of entity:


Please indicate your company's type:

C Corporation

Professional Service Corporation

S Corporation

Limited Liability Company taxed as (check one)...

Partnership or Sole Proprietorship
S Corporation

Sole Proprietorship



Is your company a member of a controlled group?  more info

Yes box No box Unsure. Please contact me regarding this question.

Is your company a member of an affiliated service group?  more info

Yes box No box Unsure. Please contact me regarding this question.


17) Fiscal year
on which business is run:

January 1 - December 31


Unsure. Please contact me regarding this item.


Part II:boxPlan Information...


30) Investments:
Investment Type

(view investment listings)

Please indicate the type of investments you want for your 401k Easy  plan: more info

Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts only

Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts PLUS a family of No-Load Mutual Funds

No-Load Mutual Funds only

Load Mutual Funds only

Unsure. Please contact me regarding the type of investments to offer within our 401k Easy Online plan.


31) Investments:
Investment Family

(view investment listings)

Please indicate the family of mutual funds and/or the brokerage account you wish to offer within your 401k Easy Online plan (for example, T. Rowe Price mutual funds or Charles Schwab OneSource brokerage accounts). If you have not already done so, you should look through our investment listings to view your options - or simply contact us for help by clicking the "Unsure..." button below.

Unsure. Please contact me regarding the exact investment family and/or brokerage account to offer within our 401k Easy Online plan.


Part III:box401k Easy Online Purchase...


33) The price of your 401k Easy Online system:

(401(k) Easy Online is licensed on a calendar year basis, which requires the purchase of a new license at the  beginning of each New Year)


401k Easy-For-One Pricing
for your custom 401k plan 
and plan administration system

1 owner (plus spouse, if applicable)

$495 per year


34) $595 FIRST-YEAR-ONLY setup fee:
(Remember, this fee, unlike the above money-back guaranteed Annual Fee, is
NONREFUNDABLE but generally tax rebatable.
We encourage prospective clients to try our free Demo
to make sure they like 401k Easy Online before they have us set up a customized a system for them.)


35) TOTAL (system price + setup fee):


Part IV:boxPayment Preference...


We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your order to confirm your designations and answer any questions you have.

box box

36) Do you prefer to be contacted regarding your order by telephone or e-mail?

Contact by phone

Contact by e-mail


When your 401k Easy Online representative calls you to go over any items about which you marked "unsure" and to collect additional information needed for your plan's official Summary Plan Description (SPD) and Prototype Plan Adoption Agreement, you will be able to pay your 401k Easy Online customization fee using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express Card, or by check through the mail; there is a five-day holding period on all check orders.

As soon as we receive your payment we will customize your software, prepare official documents for your review, then send out your customized system. You can have your 401k up and running within two weeks -- or less!

box box

37) How will you prefer to pay for your 401k Easy Online system when we contact you?


* Pension Systems Corporation does not add credit card processing fees to Mastercard or Visa transactions, but adds a $25 processing fee to all American Express transactions.

credit card* via phone

credit card* via e-mail



Part V:boxHow did you hear about us?


38) One last thing before you submit your order: Please tell us how your heard about 401k Easy Online...

Financial planning professional, friend or colleague. Please list the person and/or company name:

Linked to the 401k Easy Online website from another website. Please tell us the name of the site and/or company sponsoring it:

Web search. Please list the browser and search term(s), if you remember them (e.g., Netscape, 401k software):

Business or trade publication. Please give the name of the publication:

Other. Please explain:


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39) Now please look over our User's Agreement, then submit your order or inquiry. (Submitting an order acknowledges that you have read and accept our User's Agreement but in no way obligates you to making any purchase.)

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