"High-quality" means a highly customizeable IRS-approved prototype 401k plan that offers tremendous investment flexibility and all of today's popular 401k options.

"Affordable" means not only bottom-line affordability but also no nickel-and-diming: All-inclusive pricing starts at just $835 a year and increases ONLY with plan size (versus with the options or investments you choose to include or exclude). To view a complete price list, click here.

"Self-service" means control is in your hands. No having to hound someone for service or wait for hours on hold or ask for the same thing over and over again before finally receiving what you need. Just log in, then go!

"Self-service" DOES NOT mean you're thrown into an Internet void and left to sink or swim. Aside from a great context-sensitive help system, 401k Easy Online also boasts live technical support - all free of charge.

"Housed completely online" means instantaneous processing of your data and requests, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine, no waiting - ever.

401k Easy Online is a unique approach to providing clients with top-quality 401k plans at the lowest possible price. Instead of you paying us (or someone else) to run your data and participant requests through 401k processing software, we let you (and your participants) access the tools directly. We customize your plan administration and participation portals to your exact 401k plan; anyone with rudimentary computer and Internet skills can use the system - plus, free help is always available.

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