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Free Support and Training to Get Your 401k Plan Off the Ground


Continuing Support: The Easy Support Program (ESP)


ESP Fees & Free Services Chart


Please Note…


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Free Support and Training to Get Your 401k Plan Off the Ground

Your 401k Easy Online system comes with user-friendly step-by-step instructions for launching your company plan, introducing it to your employees, and completing its management tasks. We also provide a free-access online support center dedicated to 401k plan operation via 401k Easy Online.

In addition, we offer our plan sponsors FREE one-on-one support and training via telephone during each plan's launch period. Common topics such as Marketing Your 401k Plan to Your Employees, and Signing Up Plan Participants are also covered in our online downloadable literature, but we're here to help if you have any questions or just prefer hearing the information from a friendly, experienced 401k Easy Online representative (please note...).

-- Telephone support lines are open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific Time. (The phone number is provided with your access code information.)

-- E-mail support is available directly from your online Plan Sponsor and Plan Participant Gateways.

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Continuing Support: The Easy Support Program (ESP)

As mentioned above, our clients receive FREE technical support and training in setting up and launching their 401k Easy Online retirement plan. They also have ongoing FREE access to the context-sensitive help screens embedded within the 401k Easy Online Gateways as well as to our 401k Management -- A Sponsor's Guide website, which is dedicated to 401k plan management via 401k Easy Online. These items are part of what we call the Easy Support Program (ESP).

ESP offers a variety of customer support options for both plan sponsors and individual participants.

-- ESP Web
ESP's web-based self-service help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Clients can access ESP Web via 401k Easy Online's context-sensitive help screens and/or use the site's powerful search feature to locate needed information. ESP Web covers topics related to 401k plan management and participation. We've been operating 401k plans almost as long as there's been such an animal; ESP Web is extremely well researched yet presented in easy-to-read layman's language. It includes both 401k Easy Online-specific information as well as general 401k operations and participation information.

-- ESP E-mail
E-mail support is always free for simple questions that we can answer briefly. E-mailed questions that require a more comprehensive and detailed written response and/or explanation are subject to fees specified below. Turnaround is 24 to 48 hours (depending on the complexity of the issue) from the time we receive a technical support inquiry.

-- ESP Live
Telephone support is available on a per-incident basis. There's no sitting on hold with ESP Live: You leave your inquiry in our voicemail box; we call you back at your convenience with the answer and field any subsequent questions. Two levels of response times are available (see chart below).

See topic 3, below, for a chart listing these services and their relative fees, if any. All fees are billed via credit card at the time service is rendered.

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[topic 3]

List of ESP's Free and "Fee-Based* Support Levels

Support Levels

Plan Sponsor

Plan Participant

I. Online context-sensitive HELP available from all Plan Sponsor, and Plan Participant Gateway User Interfaces

included-no extra charge

included-no extra charge

II. Online FAQ and SEARCH of three separate databases, each geared to the needs of the plan sponsor or plan participant.

included-no extra charge

included-no extra charge

III. E-Mail Technical Support

$25 per incident

(not applicable)

IV. Telephone Support by 401k Easy Specialist -- 24- hour response -- satisfaction guarantee

$50 per incident

(not applicable)

V. Priority Telephone Support by 401k Easy Specialist -- 2-hour response --satisfaction guarantee

$75 per incident

(not applicable)

VI. Telephone Training by 401k Easy Specialist -- one-on-one training via telephone on using 401k Easy (subsequent to free setup training)

$100 per hour

(not applicable)

*All charges paid by credit card only.


Contact us for more information..

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Please Note...

Our ESP support team fields questions regarding technical aspects of using 401k Easy Online as well as regarding general plan management and participation.

-- Our people are not pension law attorneys, accountants, actuaries or tax preparers, who are the only qualified people to answer certain questions.

-- It is always advisable to consult with your tax and/or legal advisors in matters that concern your company's 401k plan.

-- Items and problems not covered by our free technical support include problems or errors caused by mutual fund companies and/or brokerages. At our discretion, we may assist in helping solve such problems or other problems not directly related to 401k Easy Online, but we reserve the right to refer you elsewhere.

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